Why choose an independent schooling system

Have you wondered why some parents talk about ending their children to Brisbane independent schools? You might think what is an independent school and how does it differ from a private school? While the term is often used interchangeably, there is a marked different between both a private and an independent school. While a private school is a school which doesn’t receive any sort of funding from the government, an independent school is taken care of by a board of trustees.

What exactly is an independent school?

Keep in mind that all Brisbane independent schools fall under the category of private schools. The school is run by a board of governors and trustees who are by no mean answerable to anyone else.

On the other hand a private school can be governed by any other local body or an institution and is therefore answerable to them at all times. The major difference is that although both are categorically independent, an independent school has a more severe code of conduct for governance. The tuition fee for an independent school is also higher than that of a regular private school. Plus an independent school also compromises of many state of the art facilities, the likes of which are not seen in any other regular or private school. They might be affiliated with a religious organisation, it all comes down to what kind of Brisbane independent school you are looking at.

Types of Brisbane independent schools

  • There are schools which come under the catholic holy order. Though they are not completely governed by the diocese they have their own set of governance.
  • Schools which are under the governance of the diocese. These may have a tuition fee which is lower for members of the catholic diocese church.
  • Non catholic religious schools. These schools could either be Episcopalian, Jewish or some other non-conformational Christian school. While these schools receive funding from these institutes the have their own set of rules that they follow.
  • All boys or all girls schools. These schools are reserved for specific genders with the faculty being mostly male or female.
  • There are also learning difference schools. These schools cater to students who are differently abled or have special needs. They have all the facilities which enable special need students have an easy access to schooling.
  • Also there are schools which cater to students with mild learning disabilities. They have hired professional learning specialists who work in close proximity with these children. However, students are expected to maintain a certain standard of learning and such an education is also easily available in any regular private school.
  • International schools serve as a basis for further learning and help students learn in an environment which is similar to an overseas learning program. This way the child is able to make the transition easily to another international school.
  • Boarding schools also fall in the category of Brisbane independent schools. The children have to follow a full day schedule and can only visit home during the holidays.

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