ISO9001 Accreditation- Tips on helping you get the accreditation for your business

Are you seeking ISO9001 accreditation for your company? It is the international standard which defines what quality management should be like. It has a whole list of criteria which a business needs in order to establish as being certified. The main focus in on the customer, enhancing leadership skills, improving internal processes and being in the practice of making sure that everyone in the company contribute towards its continuous improvement.

In order to understand what it is, you first need to understand what ISO stands for. It stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is an international body which is based in Geneva. It comprises of a bunch of individuals who represent the international organization and industries.

They define and implement all the standards which are required to ensure that the business is striving to the best of its abilities. While the ISO defines the standard certification and accreditations are done by third party only.

The number which comes after ISO, is the identification of a particular standard. The ISO9001is the most well-known criteria which businesses strive to achieve. Any of the ISO certificates including the ISO9000 refer to quality management.

The main reason why a business might look for the accreditation because it helps them become recognized and casts a great impression on existing and potential clients. It helps them set a standard or themselves and they continually strive to maintain this standard. Failure to maintain it would result in losing the accreditation, something which no company can afford.

The ISO9001 is the sole standard which can be certified to. While this certification is not a necessity, companies still try to attain it by implementing the standards expected of them. The certification normally works for the entire organization including all those who work for it.

The Quality Management System (QMS)

It is considered as a set of principle or guidance for businesses which help them improve and maintain their operational procedures. The quality management system can be considered as a collection of policies, processes and documentation to help your business achieve the standard in service or products which are at par with international standards.

It should be kept in mind that the quality management system for every company would be different. It is actually tailored to fit the needs of an individual business. The ISO9001 simply provides companies with guidance to help them implement a successful quality management system.

The core elements of a QMS are as follows:

  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Checking
  • Acting

Just because you follow a certain management system doesn’t entitle you to a certification or accreditation. This needs to be surveyed by a third party source which would assess all parts of your company’s management and then provide you with a certification.

The importance of ISO9001 accreditation

  • It help your business becomes recognized according to international standard
  • It’s a meter of great honor and prestige to be in par with companies which have an excellent management system
  • Organizational efficiency and continuous striving to maintain that standard enable companies to ensure that they work hard and show efficiency at all times

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