Easing Your Child’s Entry into Preschool

Have you been thinking about sending your child to preschool? Would you like to make the transition as easy as possible? Finding the right preschool is important. However, before you send your child to a school full time, enrolling them at a child care centre in Nerang is a great way to give them a head start at their preschool.

Your child needs to learn social and interaction skills before starting school and what better place to learn then at a day care centre. They get to interact with adults other than their parents. Get in touch with children their age. Learn the joys of working in groups and enjoying daily activities with their friends.

Research has proved that children who attend day care are much happier at preschool because they have made an early start when compared with their peers. They have less social anxiety. They are also friendlier and more open to new experiences. New places don’t scare them and this is why they can make the most of their learning abilities.

Why send your child to day care?

The following are some of the reasons why sending your child to day care at Kinder Cottage is such a good idea

  • Research has proved that children who are enrolled at daycare face less social anxiety. Since they meet different people and experience different sets of emotions, they also learn to handle those emotions at a much early age. When it’s time for these children to enter school, they are more confidant then their peers.
  • Children who attend day care are able to accept social challenges much earlier. This is because they are already interacting with children their age. They come out of their shell and this can do wonders for their confidence. Although it’s a process which is slow and gradual but one which is completely beneficial for your child. Children are social creatures and they learn best when they are having.
  • Children would follow a routine. At a day care there is a structured routine. There is time for play. There is time for napping and then there is a time for learning. At a day care your child would learn through a variety of activities. They would learn to know about themselves by practicing role play. They would learn to read. Improve their listening and speaking skills and even get some basic idea about writing.
  • Children thrive on play. At a day care you can rest assured that your child is never bored. When you are at work you wouldn’t have to worry about what your child is doing back home. Children who attend day care are much happier individuals when they get back home. This also reduces parental anxiety.

Just make sure that when you choose a day care for your child it should be a safe place. Get to know whether the admin is registered and licensed to run a daycare.

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