Child Care Centre Clayton- Helping children make new friends at day care

Children find it difficult to transition to a new school or a daycare. This is because they have only experienced being with their parents. The sudden change in everyday routine can be difficult for them to comprehend. While they eventually do ease into the routine bit they often have a tough time at child care. They may not be ready to socialize and make new friend. This is an awkward phase were they are not aware of the social niceties and often end up fighting with their peers instead of being friendly with them. The caregivers at child care center in Clayton ensure that your kids are able to manage that awkward phase and make new friends.

The experts recommend the following things for parent which can help ensure that their child makes friends with ease:

  • Talk to your child and make them understand that all people have different qualities. Discuss what qualities they would like in their friend. Most children would prefer to be friends with children who are similar to them in habits and who have similar interests.
  • Conversation starters can be shared with your child. They may use similar topics to strike a conversation with someone they want to. You can try role playing to help ease the whole thing for them. Children learn best through role play. It instills in them a certain confidence and allows them to make friend with ease.
  • Now is a good time to help you child understand good habits like empathy and kindness. You could do so by reading them different stories where characters helps each other. Children normally gravitate towards the ones who are kinder and friendlier. No one likes bossy kids, not even peers their own age. So make sure you too practice these traits because children also learn by observing. If they see their parent being kind and empathic, they imitate these qualities as well and it becomes a part of their personality as well.
  • Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities at their school. This is a great way of finding like-minded friends. Children who share similar interests often hit it off and can become good friends.

If your child as recently shifted day care, it doesn’t mean they can’t stay in touch with their old friends. Technology has made it quite easy to keep in touch. They can Skype their friends or even talk to them using a number of apps. It all comes down to how they want to stay connected.

By keeping the above mentioned things in mind parents can help their children overcome social anxiety and make new friends. Meanwhile the teachers at a top rated child care in Clayton also ensure that none of the children feel left out and that every child has someone to play with. They do so by carrying out a number of activities. They often make partners so that children are able to interact with one another. The partners can be changed on a weekly or a daily basis depending on the kind of activity being carried out.

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